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Devin Cutler has spent over 25 years in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Southern California, he attended The University of Southern California and graduated in 1988 with honours and a degree in Accounting.

In 1988, Devin was hired by New World Entertainment and rose through the ranks of the accounting department there before moving into finance and administration, eventually attaining the title of Executive Director of Finance and Administration.

In 1998, Devin joined MDP Worldwide as its Manager of Finance. The next year he was promoted to Director of Finance, and later its Vice President of Finance, before finally taking the role of CFO for the company, now called Media 8 Entertainment.

Devin served as CFO of Media 8 Entertainment until the end of 2011, when he left the company to form EFCS and assume his current role as financial consultant for the entertainment community.

Since 2011, Devin has consulted for a variety of companies.

He passed the California CPA exam in 1993.

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